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Other Music Resources On the Internet (Ukulele and Otherwise):

Faith Ako
The Bay Area's Premiere Female Hawaiian Vocalist.

Ka Ehu Kai Hawaiian Band
Perhaps the Bay Area's Premiere Hawaiian Band! But then again I may be just  a little biased.

Brudda Bu's Ukulele Heaven
One of the best Ukulele Sites for Music and Instrument Lovers alike. Not to mention the Friendliest!

Jake Shimabukuro!
One of Hawaii's premiere Ukulele Masters! Pay him a visit and tell him Del sent you.

Rock That Uke - A Documentary
Very Interesting site on a Uke Documentary. Written in the style of a Journal.

Hawaiian Music Guide
A master index of Hawaiian music/tabs on the web.

Tropical Storm
Hawaiian music/tabs and chords.

More Hawaiian Music
Check it out! Contemporary Hawaiian artists.

OLGA: OnLine Guitar Archive
If you want sheet music, look here. It doesn't matter what you're playing, a C chord is a C chord is a C chord, etc. If you're playing uke, you'll want to search for chords. If you're playing guitar and want to finger pick, search for tabs.

Guitar Tablature
Looking for guitar tab? Here is the web's best resource for finding guitar tablature for your favorite band's music. Including great bands like Santana, Led Zeppelin, and hundreds more.

Ohta-san and Lyle Ritz Duo
Scheduled for Release June 21, 2001. This link will take you the site describing the album and
a brief history of their musical relationship to present.

Star Bulletin Articles on the Ukulel
Articles on the resurgence of the Ukulele in Hawaii and it's Acceptance as a 'serious'
instrument in the Music Industry.

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