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Aloha and Welcome to the Ukulele Friends Ohana Website!

Our Mission:

Coming together in the Spirit of Aloha to make music and joy through the Ukulele and good Kau Kau.

We are Ukulele enthusiasts from all walks of life. Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Office Managers, Secretarys, Retirees, Graphic Designers, Information Technologists, Museum Curators, Dental Equipment Technicians, Telecommunications specialists, Engineers, Chemists, Microscope Technicians, Kumu Hula, School Teachers, Gourmet Chefs, Graphic Designers, Zen Buddhist Monks, Flag Pole Painters, Flight Attendants, Police Officers, Master Mechanics, Psychologists, and Domestic Engineers.  All Lovers of the "Jumping Flea" and it's four string cousins (the bass, violin, Baritone Uke, kazoo?).

We have an SqL, Squadron Leader. The one who started the UFOs and a core group of Senior Pilots (SPs) who provide support to the UFOhana. There are others, as many as fifty pilots can occupy Hanger 1585. All strumming for the same reason . . . for the joy of Ukulele and Kanikapila.

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