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The Chord House
A great place to learn about chords, Includes areas for piano and guitar. The guitar area has beginning and advanced rooms. You can collect chords for a song and print or email them. Also includes lots of different tunings (slack key!).

Sheep Entertainment
Great place to explore chords, play them, see different versions of the chords up the finger board. Also includes tunings and chords for baritone. Make sure you try clicking everything. Also note that you can position the notes on the fretboard and it will tell you what the chord is (put dots NOT played above the nut).

Ukulele Chord Structure
Tyll Hertsens is a musician, webpage designer, acoustician and someone beginning to have a long-term affection for the ukulele. As a musician and webpage designer, he has been kind enough to volunteer an analysis of the ukulele fretboard (in GCEA tuning) as well as a number of figures for this page.

Learn How To Read Sheet Music
A game you can download to learn how to read sheet music. Includes both Bass and Treble clef notes. Funnnnn!

Chord Coach
Great Site for learning Music Fundamentals. Though via Guitar Methods is quite applicable to Ukulele instruments as well. Site also offers Chordpro software that teaches Guitar Chord construction.

Harmonica 101
Great Start for budding Harmonica Players. Mahalo to Rick Creelman for this study

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