Tenor Silver Oak Cut Away:

Les continues his fine craftsmanship with this beautiful Custom Silver Oak Cutaway - 4 string Tenor ukulele made from some of the finest Silver Oak available. When played this Tenor ukulele shows its wonderful loud tone with full well balanced acoustics. This ukulele sounds so good it sings and talks as it is played. This ukulele has high quality strings and is strung for low G tuning. It comes with an ebony fret board abalone rosette abalone around the front and down the fret board and head plate with tortoise shell binding Ivroid bound fret board and head plate. Spruce Top. Dolphin Fret Markers. On Sale now for $1475 .00 (Nylon Hard Case Included) plus shipping ($30.00).



BackRight BodyBackLeft BodyLeft BodyRight Bottom
BackRight.jpg         BodyBackLeft.jpg         BodyLeft.jpg         BodyRight.jpg         Bottom.jpg        
FretBoard FretBoardDetail FullBackLeft FullLeftSide FullRightSide
FretBoard.jpg         FretBoardDetail.jpg         FullBackLeft.jpg         FullLeftSide.jpg         FullRightSide.jpg        
HeadDetail RightUpperBout TopRight    
HeadDetail.jpg         RightUpperBout.jpg         TopRight.jpg