Super Curly Spalted Koa Concert Ukulele

This custom Super Curly Spalted Koa Concert ukulele, hand crafted Les Rietfors, sounds so good it sings and talks as it is played. This ukulele has high quality strings for low G tuning. This ukulele has a soft action and is a joy to play. The top is made from instrument grade specially selected Super Curly Spalted Koa wood, book matched for additional appeal. The sound hole is accented by a strip of Abalone shell inlay and is set in the middle of two black-white-black strips. The edge of the top has Tortoise color binding protecting the matching Abalone shell purfling that is around the sound hole. The back reflects the beauty of the Super Curly Spalted Koa pattern of the front and is also book matched for beauty. the edges of the back has Tortoise color binding protecting the b/w/b/w/b lines and beautiful Super Curly Spalted Koa. There is a 7/16 of an inch arch in the back. The sides are made from a pair of book match pieces of Super Curly Spalted Koa wood carefully bent to form the distinct figure eight shape that is so familiar to ukulele lovers around the world. The neck is made from fine Honduran Mahogany wood. Covering the peg head is a sheet of Ebony with a Hula girl playing a ukulele inlayed in Abalone and Mother of Pearl. The head plate is also bound with Ivroid with Abalone with a black-white-black lines. The tuning pegs are Gold Grover 205 G sealed case type machine tuners for a smooth feel. The back of the tuners are closed . The gear ratio is 14 to 1. The fret board is made of Lace wood that is bound and with Ivroid and abalone with black-white-black lines. Abalone shell position diamonds are placed at the 3rd, 5th, 7th,10th and the 12th frets. Duplicate Abalone dots are placed on the left side of the fret board for ease of playing. There are 12 frets to the body with 16 frets total.The nut is made from bone. The bridge is made from Lace wood. The saddle is made from hard Corian material. This 4 String Super Curly Spalted Koa Concert Ukulele is approximately 24 inches long, approx.7 7/8 inches wide and approx. 3 5/8 inches deep including the bridge. The label is dated March 26, 2004 and the serial Number is written 0708. The label is also signed by the builder Les Rietfors.

The retail price for this ukulele is $2695.00 in local shops in Honolulu. I am offering this ukulele at the wholesale price of $1500.00. This is the price I sell to local stores here in Hawaii. Les Rietfors offers a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. The condition of this ukulele is brand new. This ukulele comes with a Lanikai hardshell case. Please phone me at 1-808-261-3031 or E-Mail me at This is the last of the all Super Curly Spalted Koa concerts to be made. I only have one more set of sides and back to make one more concert with a Red Cedar front. The price for that Cedra Concert will be $1700.00.


BackDetail BackLeft BodyRight Bottom FretBoard
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HeadPlateDetail RightUpperBout SideLeft SideRight TopRight
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