Uncle Ken's Birthday

Hauoli La Hanau Uncle!
Mahalo for allowing us to share with you.

OK! What's Next??????

Hurry up I stay waiting! Bu! What??? You still singing?!?

Nah for real?

Little Grass Shack in less than 30 seconds?

Uncle with The Great Couqui Hunter Shirt from Pua

Eh, every Supa Hero needs a uniform!

Sombody call the Fire department!

I think it's a forest fire!

Oh, neva mind it's just my cake!

Hold On I Stay Thinkin'....

Na Maka doing her Hula Thing

with her Hula Sistas of course!

Kini and The Sql

What would life be without U(ke) and Me?

Brudda C

No where did I put my Sake?


Strummin' Away

Pahu Kane, Na Maka and Pua


Rick and Aki

Eh, is that thing working?